MIS Webmail

Q. How do I get a password for my email account (MIS Webmail)?
A. Email your teacher or Student Services to get your login details and/or have your password reset.

Q. What do I do if my email account (MIS Webmail) won't load?
A. Update Java

Q. What do I do if my email account (MIS Webmail) have the following error - 'You are not authorised to perform this operation'?
A. Use a different web browser with your email account. Try Firefox or internet explorer.

Q. Why do I get the following error when sending emails from MIS webmail - "message rejected, Spam detected"?      
A. This means that your email has been blocked by the MIS webmail spam filter. For a temporary fix, enter this address
     in the CC field for any email that is being blocked - legit@eq.edu.au 

    Your MIS webmail has a sending 'reputation'. If you constantly forward emails that other users mark as 'spam'
    (for example, jokes, internet deals/vouchers, or company newsletters), your reputation as a sender will be lowered.
    This means there is less chance of you sending/receiving your emails, compared to someone that doesn't adopt these
     email practices.

Q. What do I do if an attachment is too big to email with MIS webmail?    
A. MIS webmail has a 'sending limit' of 1mb. If you need to send work that is larger that 1mb:

  • Check whether or not your teacher uses 'digital dropbox' through Blackboard
  • Send the email using a non-EQ email account that has a higher 'sending limit'
  • If time permits, and as a last resort, post the work in on either a CD, DVD or USB storage desvice.  

Q. Why can't I send or receive emails from my email account (MIS Webmail)?      
A. Try deleting any unnecessary emails from your inbox, sent items and trash  (Help sheet )


Q. What do I do if I am unable to click 'write' or 'reply' in my MIS Webmail account?
A. For users who encounter this error, please use another web browser. Current problem browers:

- Google Chrome (all versions)
- Mozilla Firefox (version 25.0)

MIS webmail officially supports use through Internet Explorer (7 or 8) and Safari (for Mac). The use of all other browsers may result in in unexpected errors and problems.