About BSDE

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School Characteristics

Brisbane School of Distance Education
Band 11

Location and Characteristics

The Brisbane School of Distance Education is located at Corner Cavendish Road and Stanley St. East, Coorparoo and caters for prep children, school age students in prep to year 12, and adults (mostly enrolled in years 10-12). Students are located in suburban homes, caravans, tents, farms and yachts, state-wide, interstate and internationally and also mainstream secondary schools throughout Queensland. The actual setting of the school, then, extends from the teaching and administrative hub at Coorparoo to all areas of the world. Student categories are:

  • Geographically isolated students
  • Overseas: children of Queensland families travelling or temporarily residing overseas
  • Travelling: children of families travelling in Australia or Australian waters
  • Medical: students unable to attend the local school for medical reasons
  • Home Select: children of families who choose to home school using distance education
  • School Based: students in Government and non-Government schools who access subjects not available to them in their own school

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