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Do you have a student in your school who has been absent for long periods at a time due to a medical condition (anxiety/depression etc.)? If so, enrolment with BrisbaneSDE as a distance education provider could be the key to unlocking this student’s potential. 
Firstly, success for the child at BrisbaneSDE is heavily dependent on the learning triangle between student, teacher and parent/carer.  Usually the parent/carer is the home tutor who supports the program. The home tutor oversees student participation in the program, attendance at scheduled lessons and compliance with the Work Rate Calendar requirements for each subject. It is a full time job!
Students are required to have access to a personal computer and internet access in order to receive all available services from the school. Scheduled lessons (SLs) are used as the main tool to provide teaching and support to students. SLs are delivered via web-conferencing using ‘Collaborate'. SLs will be timetabled and will occur the same time each week, similar to a mainstream school timetable. Students will attend SLs from their own location, usually home, and they will require a reliable computer with a fast internet connection and computer headset with microphone. In some cases, exemption from SLs can be approved upon enrolment as online lessons may exacerbate some learning/ social/ emotional difficulties. Teachers also record their SLs.
If you believe a Distance Education enrolment is an option, you should firstly meet with your school’s Guidance Officer and the parent/carer to discuss the option. 

Shared enrolments

If you believe a shared enrolment is in the best interest of the child, contact needs to be made with the Guidance Officer of the face to face school. Guidance Officers are key people who should be included in discussions around school placement. If your child in an active student with BrisbaneSDE and you wish for a shared enrolment with another state school, please contact the BrisbaneSDE Guidance Officers.
An application for shared enrolment can only be approved if it is planned, assessed and approved as a flexible arrangement. There must be a mutual agreement between the two schools and the parents.

NB. Schools: All evidence to support the flexible arrangement must be fully documented on the flexible arrangements for school students forms available on OnePortal.