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Home Based Supervisor - Expectations


Home Based Supervisor Role


It is an expectation that every student enrolled at BrisbaneSDE  is supervised, supported and receives instruction from a home based supervisor. The home based supervisor is 
required to be of adult age (18 years and over). The success of a student in distance education relies heavily on the crucial role that the home based supervisor plays in supporting the supervision and implementation of the program. A student needs the ongoing support of the home based supervisor. Before a decision is made to engage in the distance education program provided by BrisbaneSDE, a prospective home based supervisor needs to be aware that:

  • the home based supervisor is responsible for instruction of curriculum in partnership with the class teacher (not applicable for secondary)
  • the home based supervisor respects that learning takes time and adheres to the expectation that students attend lessons comparable to a full school day
  • the home based supervisor is responsible for provision and maintenance of all equipment (computers, printers, etc.) required to engage with BrisbaneSDE
  • the home based supervisor needs to be thoroughly familiar with the course materials especially the Home Supervisor Guides
  • the home based supervisor is responsible for ensuring students meet the assessment requirements and the deadlines for submission of assessment as outlined in work rate calendars
  • the home based supervisor is required to maintain communication with the teacher by telephone, email or written communication.
  • where scheduled lessons are provided the student is expected to participate. Home based supervisors are required to provide explanation for absence from scheduled lessons
  • adaptations to the programs may only be made in consultation with the teacher

Student Attendance

Attendance at scheduled lessons is an expectation of enrolment at BrisbaneSDE in all subjects that are offered as online scheduled lessons. The class teacher will monitor the attendance to scheduled lessons of each student. Students should attend each scheduled lesson timetabled in the weekly schedule.
If a student is unable to attend a scheduled lesson it is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to notify the school absenceline or
Attendance in the distance mode of learning is indicated by return of work as outlined in the Work Rate Calendar for each subject. Schooling is compulsory from Prep to Year 1 and all enrolled students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons and complete all subject work as directed by class teachers and scheduled in Work Rate Calendars. The class teacher will maintain a record of work return. Concerns in relation to chronic non-return of work and/or non-engagement with the program will be referred through the Head of Department to the Head of School. Parents/caregivers have a legal obligation under the Education (General Provisions) Act to ensure that their child is engaged in the educational program being provided by the school. The Head of School will follow up reported cases of non-engagement/non-attendance.

Contact with Teachers

Students at BrisbaneSDE are expected to be in regular contact with their class teachers. This contact could be through scheduled lesson attendance, blogs, wiki, email, telephone or other approved method. 
If students have an approved scheduled lesson exemption, they are required to watch lesson recordings, access Blackboard and make contact with their teacher at least once per week.
Returning work to teachers
The regular return of work as outlined in the subject Work Rate Calendar is a requirement of enrolment. Facilities exist for the electronic submission of work. Non-compliance with regular return of work will affect academic rating.
Return of work is generally ongoing during the completion of a unit. There is an expectation that completed work in the form of ‘Send-in Tasks’ will be returned to the teacher upon completion. Generally, there is a culminating assessment task which is required to be returned at the end of each unit.  
The delay in the return of student work until completion of a unit is discouraged for the following reasons:
This practice does not provide opportunities for the teacher to provide more immediate feedback to the student on work completed. Such feedback is important to guide learning
Work received, in bulk, at the completion of the unit may not be able to marked within timelines required for moderation and reporting
Student engagement and attendance is monitored through the regular return of work as outlined in the Work Rate Calendar. Delay of work return until the completion of a unit would result in no regular return of work during the unit.


Student attendance at scheduled lessons is one of the important ways the school gauges student attendance. All student absences must be reported as soon as possible. Student absences are recorded as explained and authorised, explained but unauthorised, or unexplained; as per Department of Education and Training policy. Only absences for school/education purposes are able to be authorised by the Principal. All other absences (except for illness or bereavement) are not authorised. Students are required by the school to attend all scheduled lessons, as per their timetable and the subject work rate calendar, unless an approved exemption has been put in place. BrisbaeSDE has a same day notification system for student absences. At the end of each school day an email will be sent to parents (on the email address provided to the school) informing them of the absence for each student who has an unexplained absence for a lesson. For students in Prep to Year 6, the email will inform parents of a student’s absence in the morning and/or afternoon session. For students who are in out of home care, contact via phone call, will be made with the student’s carer immediately after an unexplained absence is recorded. To avoid receiving these notifications please report your student’s absence on the morning of their absence. This notification system is in accordance with Department of Education and Training policy.