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It's good news week!


For children who are more than two years below where they should be, we have implemented the MultiLit and MiniLit program developed by the Macquarie
This program uses direct, systematic and intensive teaching and is starting to show some great success for our students. We are very proud of how hard our students are working. Check out some great emails from parents below. If you have any more great news stories, we would love to hear from you
Joseph (MiniLit student)

My son Joseph is in year 3 and participated in the MiniLit program with Gail Carmen from term 2 2014 until the end of term 2 2015. Joseph was behind in his reading level and has a particular difficulty with spelling.  He has recently been diagnosed with ADD. Joe thoroughly enjoyed his MiniLit sessions and the impact they have had on his reading and spelling is something I have not seen with other programs. Joe is now reading at the correct level for his age and his spelling of basic words has improved significantly in his writing. I have seen a huge difference in the work he is producing in all curriculum areas and he is now able to read short novels on his own and enjoy the experience. He copes much better in his online lessons and his frustration levels are way down from last year. I have been a teacher for 20 years and have experienced many programs that have been designed to improve literacy levels in students and I have never seen a program as successful as the MiniLit program.  The significant improvement I have seen in Joseph is something I have not seen before and I am truly impressed with both the program and the way in which your staff deliver the program to the students. It would be detrimental to both the school and the students who benefit from this program if it were not to continue in the future. As far as I am concerned the data speaks for itself. I am so grateful that Joe was lucky enough to be part of this, it has helped in ways you cannot imagine and will continue to benefit him for the rest of his life.


Vinnie (MiniLit student)

Vinnie chose this book (a book called Ferno the Fire Dragon) last Saturday at the library, without any help from me. Once again another book has lured Vinnie into the magical world of reading, he is really trying to read this book by himself, he takes it everywhere he goes, I have had to threaten to remove the light bulbs from his bedroom, so that he will go to sleep. I have even caught him reading it when he is supposed to be paying attention in class (which in a strange way, is wonderful to see). Nevertheless, I make him read it aloud to me, his expression is really picking up pace with this book. If anything, I may consider this book is not really challenging enough for his vocab, but I don't want to extinguish his passion!!!

Kindest regards

Fran - Year 1 Teacher

I want to add to the groundswell of support for the MiniLit program and emphasize how effective it has been for the children who have had difficulties in Year 1. This is the first time we have had a consistent approach to help the development of comprehensive letter/sound knowledge and language. MiniLit has made an enormous difference. The explicit nature of the content, along with repetition, is particularly effective with these children. As you know, getting things right in the early years makes such a difference in all areas of development. This has a flow on effect in all other areas of the curriculum as well as contributing to the development of positive self-esteem. I know the data will support what I am saying.