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2018 Courses- Years 7-9


NOTE: This page reflects course offerings for 2018.
 2018 text book list will be available soon.

If you have not checked for possible required text books (for courses not covered by the Jacaranda LearnON Digital Bundle) please select the following link to ensure that text books required are purchased. BrisbaneSDE will send all required 'Resource Booklets' as part of your enrolment however all required text books must be purchased by individual families. 
     Denotes the subjects are available to 'School Based' students. 

Year 7

Art (PDF, 109 KB)   

HPE (PDF, 216 KB) 

Chinese (PDF, 235 KB)     

History (PDF, 108 KB)​  

Chinese-school based (PDF, 236 KB)     

Japanese (PDF, 211 KB)

English (PDF, 110 KB) 

Japanese - school based (PDF, 212 KB)     

French (PDF, 211 KB)     

Maths (PDF, 132 KB)

French - school based (PDF, 212KB)     

Music (PDF, 139 KB)

Geography (PDF, 84 KB) 

Science (PDF, 105 KB)

German (PDF, 207 KB)     

Spanish (PDF, 210 KB)

​German-school based (PDF, 208 KB)                                              

Technologies (PDF, 88 KB)


Year 8

Art (PDF, 80 KB)                          

History (PDF, 107 KB)                                        

Chinese (PDF, 235 KB)     

HPE (PDF, 216 KB) 

Chinese - school based only (PDF, 237 KB)                                     

​​Japanese (PDF, 215 KB) 

English (PDF, 110 KB) 

Japanese-school based (PDF, 215 KB)     

French (PDF, 207 KB)     

Maths (PDF, 132 KB)

​​​French - school based (PDF, 210 KB)     

Music (PDF, 141 KB)

Geography (PDF, 84 KB)

​​​Science (PDF, 105 KB)

German (PDF, 128 KB)​     

Spanish - continuing (PDF, 201 KB)

​​German - school based (PDF, 208 KB)     

Technologies (PDF, 66 KB)                                                                


Year 9

Art (PDF,80 KB)                                    

Chinese - continuing (PDF, 240 KB)     

German (PDF, 209 KB)     

History (PDF, 104 KB) 

HPE (PDF, 216 KB) 

​Economics and Business (PDF, 159 KB)                  
Japanese (PDF, 211 KB)     

Extension Art (PDF, 80 KB)

Music (PDF, 107 KB) 

Extension Music (PDF, 110 KB)

​​​​​Science (PDF, 105 KB) 

French (PDF, 205 KB)