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Contact with Teachers

Students at BSDE are expected to be in
regular contact with their teachers. This contact could be through scheduled lesson attendance, blogs, wikki, email, telephone or other approved method.

Returning work to teachers

The regular return of work as outlined in the subject Work Rate Calendar is a requirement of enrolment.

Years P–6

Return of work is generally ongoing during the completion of a unit. There is an expectation that completed work in the form of 'Send In Tasks' will be returned to the teacher upon completion.  Generally, there is a culminating assessment task which is required to be returned at the end of each unit. 
The delay in the return of student work until completion of a unit is discouraged for the following reasons:
  • this practice does not provide opportunities for the teacher to provide more immediate  feedback to the student on work completed. Such feedback is important to guide learning;
  • work received, in bulk, at the completion of the unit may not be able to be marked within the timelines required for moderation and reporting; and
  • student engagement and attendance is monitored through the regular return of work as outlined in the Unit Sequencing Plans. Delay of work return until the completion of a unit would result in no regular return of work during the unit.

Years 7–12

Students must complete work regularly and submit as per the:
All submitted work must be clearly identified. Most items to be submitted should be uploaded to Blackboard as this avoids the delay of postage and ensures a clear record of items submitted for both the student and your teacher. 

If sending by post:
  • staple all pages in the correct order (student’s name at the top of each page).
  • ensure that student name and address is included on the back of the envelope, as well as a list of the  lessons enclosed.
  • return in the 'Reply Paid' envelope provided and record the date you mailed the item on your Work Rate Calendar or in your school diary.
  • a copy of the students work is to be retained by the student before sending.
  • All summative assessment items will be retained by the school for monitoring purposes.

Return of resources

After you have submitted work:
  • gather up any resources (eg. CDs, DVDs, pictures, photos, books) sent out to you to be used in conjunction with your online lesson materials.
  • if they are not required, mail them back to the Discovery Centre using the mail stickers sent to you.
  • if they are required again, keep them but remember to check the ‘Date Due’ on the item. If the date has expired contact the Discovery Centre and ask for an extension to save receiving overdue notices.

Contact with BSDE

The school office is open between 8.00am and 4.00pm. On a daily basis teachers at this school are involved with scheduled lessons. If a teacher is not available to take your call you can leave a message on their voicemail and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Alternatively you can send an email to your teacher - refer Full staff contacts.

Personal visits

Students and parents are always welcome to visit the school and are encouraged to do so. Please arrange ahead of time with the teacher concerned, particularly if help is needed with any subjects during the visit. It is requested that interviews with Guidance Officers also be arranged prior to visiting the school. Students and parents are encouraged to visit the Discovery Centre. Discovery Centre visits do not need to be pre-arranged.