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Fee policy and charges

Home based distance education students
are charged an enrolment fee under Section 52 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 unless they are exempt from payment or obtain a waiver of the fee. Each year, the regulatory fees for distance education are increased in line with the Consumer Price Index. The fee for 2018 is $1,448.00  Students who have a choice of studying through distance education, or of attending a State school but choose distance education, pay an annual enrolment fee and are responsible for their own ongoing telephone conferencing costs.  They are not eligible for government subsidies. Distance education services do not commence until the enrolment fee or the first instalment of the Distance Education Enrolment Fee is received. Full or part payment of at least half of the fee ($724.00) is to be included with the remittance form along with enrolment application forms. Students may request a payment plan for the second payment ($ 724.00). The payment of this fee must be finalised by 25 May, 2018. Students who enrol after this date are required to pay the enrolment fee in full before distance education services can commence.


Home-based students from state schools may be exempt from paying the enrolment fee for a distance education program on the following grounds:
  • geographic isolation;
  • health/medical condition;
  • itinerant families;
  • exclusion 
  • parental/carer responsibilities.


Home based students who are enrolled in a program of distance education at a State School, and are not exempt from payment, can apply for a waiver of the fee under Section 54 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006. The waiver applies only to the school year for which it is granted. The Executive Principal of BrisbaneSDE may waive payment of the fee if satisfied the student is:

  • undertaking distance education and would suffer a significant educational disadvantage if the student were not able to continue in the program; and
  • payment of the fee would cause financial hardship to the person liable to pay it.


The chief executive may also waive the fee if satisfied the waiver is appropriate and reasonable because exceptional circumstances exist in relation to the student. Applications for each student will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Brisbane School of Distance Education charges

The Brisbane School of Distance Education has no compulsory enrolment charges. There are compulsory subject charges applicable to some subjects. Payment of applicable subject charges must be included with the enrolment paperwork for the resources to be despatched. Please refer to the 2016 remittance form for the full list of subject charges.
The BrisbaneSDE Parents and Citizens Association has recommended a voluntary contribution of $150.00 per child or $300.00 per family. The first $30.00 of each per child’s contribution and the first $60.00 from each family contribution will go directly to the school Discovery Centre. The remaining monies will go towards student technology support.

Courier fees (overseas enrolments only)

Overseas families can choose to use and pay for a courier service. Enrolments in Semester 1 must pay the full annual fees as listed on the ‘Overseas Delivery Information' included in the enrolment package. Enrolments from Semester 2 onwards pay 50% of the listed fee. Students may be entitled to a refund of unused courier fees.
Refunds will be considered and processed if received at the BrisbaneSDE accounts department prior to the commencement of Semester 2 2017.

Tutorials/Camps/Activity Days

Tutorials, camps and activity days will be funded through a ‘user pays’ system. Students will be sent an invitation and payment in full will be required prior to the event.  The cost of tutorials and activity days will depend on the materials purchased however it should be in the $5.00 to $20.00 range. School camps will be on a full cost recovery basis. Students will be notified of the cost closer to the event. Refunds of camp/excursion payments will be assessed on an individual basis. Some costs may not be refundable (e.g. non-returnable payments already paid on behalf of the student).


Any refunds will be paid to the person identified on the Supplementary Enrolment Form as having 100% financial responsibility for the student.

DET / Distance Education Enrolment Fee Refund

A home based distance education student can apply for a partial refund of the enrolment fee. The enrolment of the student must cease before the end of first semester. The refund must be requested before the end of the first semester by completing the Home Based Students Refund Application form​ stating the reason/s for the application and the date the enrolment ceased. This form should be forwarded to the Enrolment Services Section of BrisbaneSDE. The fee may be partially refunded if, due to a change in personal circumstances, the student is no longer enrolled in the program of distance education. Personal circumstances may include a change in family circumstance that necessitates a move in residence to another location.
Refund applications will not be considered after the end of Semester 1. Refunds are pro-rated from the first day of the school year and are not pro-rated from the date of enrolment. Refunds will be determined after considering a recommendation from the school Principal. Where an applicant is not satisfied with a refund decision, they have 14 days after notification, to apply for a reconsideration of the decision. This application is to be lodged with the school Principal.

Subject Fee Refund

Please choose subjects carefully as there are no refunds on subject fees with the exception of Years 11 and 12 Music, Year 11 and 12 Visual Art and Year 12 Physics where partial refunds apply upon return of resources/kit  (as per advice on page 2 of remittance/invoice form). Parents/Caregivers must complete a refund form on behalf of the student/s to commence the refund process. Refunds will be considered and processed if received at the BrisbaneSDE accounts department prior to the commencement of Semester 2 2017.

Voluntary resource contribution

The school is resourced by the State Government through grant funding to provide a core educational service to students. Voluntary financial contributions are used by the school to provide an enhanced educational service and to enhance resources available for student learning.
If you wish to make a voluntary contribution please refer to the Voluntary Financial Contribution Information Sheet. This explains in more depth the details of this contribution. No refunds will apply to the voluntary resource contribution.