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Homework policy

Students enrolled at the Brisbane School
of Distance Education (BSDE) have the same holidays as those in other state schools. Parents who intend taking holidays during other periods of the year are asked to advise their teachers so that alternative arrangements can be made for the return of school work. 

Homework in a distance program may involve: 

ü completion of tasks left over from today’s lesson
ü completion of a task set by a teacher during part of a Scheduled Lesson (SL)
ü preparation for tomorrow’s lesson – pre-lesson reading
ü time for reading eg. a novel for English
ü time to develop study summaries
ü time to work on larger projects or assignments
ü time to revise for a coming test or exam

The time that will need to be devoted to each of these tasks will vary from day to day and week to week. For example, closer to the end of a semester more time may be required on revision for tests or exams.
Education Queensland has established a policy in relation to the maximum hours of homework over a week. The policy recommends the following maximum homework hours over a week:
  • ​Prep Year - generally students will not be set homework.
  • Years 1–3 - could be up to but generally not more than 1 hour per week. 
  • Years 4–5 - could be up to but generally not more than 2-3 hours per week.
  • Years 6–7 - could be up to but generally not more than 3-4 hours per week. 
  • Years 8–9 - could be up to but generally not more than 5 hours per week.
  • Years 10–12 - the amount of time devoted to homework and independent study will vary according to the student’s learning needs and individual program of learning, determined through their Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan.

BSDE recommends that students undertake homework within the recommended times specified at the year levels at which they are enrolled. This should enable return of work in accordance with Work Rate Calendar requirements to be met by students. Any concerns in relation to homework should be, in the first instance, directed to the class or subject teacher. Subsequent issues should be directed to the Head of Department of the relevant year level.