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Introduction to Senior Phase of Learning Years 11 - 12

Welcome to the Senior Phase of Learning.
At the Brisbane School of Distance Education (BSDE) we offer students many learning options and encourage a learning pathway that recognises a student’s academic interests and potential for success. It is our goal to work with students and their parent/caregiver to provide a Senior program that is engaging and fulfilling and that will lead each young person to exceed their own expectation.

What are the Qualifications of Senior?

At the end of Year 12 your SEP (Student Education Profile) is issued by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). It comprises your Senior Statement and (if you are eligible) your QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education), and if you are OP eligible your Tertiary Entrance Statement.
Once a Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan has been complete students will have an understanding of the possible options for Senior. The process of completing a SET plan is very important as students are guided through the fundamental aspects of Senior and most importantly students reflect upon their own interests and abilities. It is legislated that all students in Queensland will complete a SET plan.
At BSDE all students will work towards the achievement of a QCE or a QCIA (Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement).

What is a Senior Statement?

The Senior Statement is a student’s official learning record. It is provided by the QCAA at the end of Year 12. The Senior Statement records all the learning achievements in a student’s learning account upon completion of Year 12.

What is a Queensland Certificate of Education?

Learning accounts

All learning undertaken and the QCE credit points achieved are recorded in a learning account. Each senior student has a leaning account which is held at the QCAA. During Year 10 schools will open a learning account with the QCAA for each enrolled student. Learning providers such as schools, TAFE, traineeship providers, etc., must bank successfully completed courses into the QCAA learning account. As recognised activities and studies are completed, the credits are banked and the learning account grows, just like a bank account.

What is the QCIA?

The Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement is issued by the QCAA to students who may find it difficult to complete Senior Authority and Authority Registered subjects. The QCIA is a negotiated learning program where students, parents/caregivers and teachers design an individual learning program. It is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to work with families to support a student in meeting individually designed learning outcomes. Students who are on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) with the Learning and Student Support Department will receive additional information on the QCIA while in Year 10.

What is an OP?

Not eligible for an OP - What is the QTAC Selection Rank?

The QTAC Selection Rank pathway is different to the OP Pathway and is very flexible as students may study Authority, Authority Registered or VET subjects and courses.  For more information visit