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Scheduled Lesson Info

It is the policy of BrisbaneSDE to make
recordings of Scheduled Lessons (SLs)across all year levels and subject areas. These recordings remain available for a limited period after the completion of the lesson so that they can be accessed by students who are unable to participate in the scheduled lesson or for students who wish to review the lesson for revision purposes. Access to the recorded lesson is available to students via the Learning Place. This access is restricted to BrisbaneSDE students and is password protected. All recordings are made in accordance with the Department of Education and Training.

Scheduled lessons are delivered via a web conferencing platform and require internet access. Please note attendance in some subject areas is compulsory. 

When do students attend their SLs?

Year 4 to Year 6

Students will be allocated four scheduled lessons per week for English, four scheduled lessons per week for Mathematics and one scheduled lesson per week for the other curriculum areas. In addition, students will receive lessons for reading support and spelling. These lessons will vary between 30–60 minutes depending upon the curriculum area and age of the students.  The lessons in English and Mathematics will focus on the delivery of the full content of the course.  Scheduled lessons in the other curriculum areas (Science, History, Geography and CLC) will have a tutorial focus to provide support to students in these subject areas. 
Students attending scheduled lessons are likely to have contact with their teacher(s) each day of the week. Generally, English lessons are delivered during the morning literacy block (8.30–10.20). Mathematics lessons are delivered in the numeracy block (10.40–11.50) and other curriculum areas in the afternoon block (12.35-2.30).  However, lesson delivery times may be varied to suit timetabling requirements. All students will be advised of their weekly scheduled lesson timetable by their class teacher.

Year 7 to Year 12

Students will receive the timetables at the commencement of their enrolment outlining the time allocations to subjects.  Further information regarding the time allocation and other essential information can be found via these links:

Lesson Exemption


In some circumstances, caregivers can seek approval for exemption from attending SLs. This approval must be sought, in writing (by email), from the Head of School of the relevant sub-School.
Circumstances for which exemption from scheduled lessons may be approved include:

  • severe medical conditions supported by medical documentation
  • attending training per an approved flexible arrangement (eg. Dance Academy) supported by documentation such as a letter outlining training schedule
  • travel to or residing in an overseas country where timezone differences do not align with SL times
Approval for SL exemption can be sought by emailing the Head of the relevant sub-School. Students and caregivers need to be aware that the inability to attend scheduled lessons means students do not receive the full benefit of course delivery. It is therefore very important that these students maintain weekly with their teacher(s) and are supported and monitored in the home by their home based supervisor.

Where does a student do these SLs?

Students attend their SLs from their own location.

What equipment is required to participate in SLs?

For students participating in web-conferencing, a computer, internet connection and computer headset with microphone are required. The school recommends a 1Mbps (minimum monthly quota of 5GB just for schoolwork) broadband connection (see Suggested computer equipment below).

How is the audio (voice) component of these lessons delivered?

Headset with microphone.

Suggested computer equipment

It is the responsibility of the family to provide computer equipment including headset/microphone. Quality noise cancelling headset/microphone that covers both ears should be sought. Options that could be considered include:
  • Logitech Clearchat Comfort USB, approximately $32.00 from Umart (suggested supplier)
  • Sennheiser PC-151, approximately $95.00
  • Dick Smith XH8236 headset microphone, approximately $20.00
Note: Prices are accurate at time of printing and may vary.

Assistive Technologies

BrisbaneSDE has researched the use of digital pen and tablets in online Scheduled Lessons.  The WACOM Intuos Pen and Touch Tablet Small –model no. CTH-480/SO-CX was seen as the best match for its affordability and usability.  The Wacom Tablet retails from approx. $139.00 (prices are accurate at time of publication and may vary). There are 3 main reasons why students are encouraged to buy a tablet:
  1. Triple their writing speed in lessons, particularly in Maths and Science lessons where a lot of symbols are used.
  2. Research states there is less chance of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).
  3. Research also states that children have better memory retention when writing with a pen rather than using keystrokes.
The purchase of the WACOM Tablet is not compulsory but would aid in the learning experience for students.

Suggested computer requirements

Access to a computer with CD drive and access to the internet. The following specifications for equipment and resources are recommended:
  • preferred access to at least an i5 Class computer or AMD equivalent, with a clock speed of at least 2 Ghz, with minimum 2 Gigabyte of memory and a minimum 17” screen (external screen would be an advantage if using a small laptop when in a BrisbaneSDE online lesson),
  • Intel Pentium processor or 100% compatible, with a clock speed of at least 2 Ghz,
  • CD/DVD drive,
  • printer,
  • broadband internet service for online access (minimum 1Mbps) (minimum monthly quota of 5GB just for schoolwork),
  • USB flash drive,
  • external hard drive to back up work,
  • software Windows 8 or higher  (not Windows RT8 or RT8.1),
  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome,
  • Acrobat Reader,
  • Microsoft Word 2003 or higher,
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher, and 
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 or higher.
Note: it is possible to download from the internet a product – Open Office - that has the ability to save documents in the Microsoft Office format.
Vision Impaired students may be required to access additional software. It is recommended that JAWS 3.7U, 4.02 or better is used. Vision Impaired students may require screen magnification software, eg. Zoom Text. Text to Speech system may be an advantage.
MAC computers:  It is possible to use a Mac computer for most things. Files must be sent to the school in the formats mentioned below headed 'Digital Documents' (please keep files small for email transfer).  For some courses a windows platform is needed to run the specified programs.  Ensure in these cases you can dual boot to Windows. The courses that need Windows O/S are: Graphics - Year 8 to Year 12, Digital Design and Technology - Year 9. Check with your teacher to confirm this.
iPads: Screen size will be very difficult to read for online lessons.
Tablets:  These will need to run all the above programmes.  Screen size will be very difficult to read for online lessons.