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Vocational placement

Work Experience

The Brisbane School of Distance
Education BSDE) offers full-time school-age students over 14 years of age the opportunity to participate in Work Experience.
Work Experience provides students with opportunities:
  • to understand the world of work,
  • to sample a variety of employment possibilities,
  • to prepare for the demands and expectations of the working world, and 
  • to support assessment and/or learning in a VET course.


  • must be 14 years of age,
  • may work a maximum of 30 days a year in one or more types of work,
  • must NOT receive payment from employer,
  • must have written consent from their parent/guardian before placement if they are under 18 years of age,
  • must have the placement negotiated/facilitated by the BSDE,
  • must fill in the ‘Application for Work Experience Program’ and return it to the BSDE to trigger the placement process, and
  • must obtain their Certificate in Safety Sense to fulfil the Workplace Health and Safety requirements prior to commencing their placement - see note below.
Note: Students who wish to undertake work placement in the field of Children’s Services, Fitness or Sport and Recreation Studies, must apply for a Blue Card. Students wishing to obtain more information should contact Senior Pathways
Note: Students who wish to undertake 'construction' type work for work experience placement must have obtained a General Construction Induction Card (formally known as the Blue Card). This is issued to a person who successfully completes training and assessment in the unit of competency - CPCCOHS1001A Work Safely in the Construction Industry.
  • Step one - Find a registered training organisation (RTO) that conducts the General Construction Induction training. Refer to the Australian Government training website (
  • Step two - The RTO will issue the General Construction Induction Card to the applicant on successful completion of training and assessment.
This is required by the regulations for the construction industry under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (QLD). Students wishing to obtain more information should contact Senior Pathways.

Structured Work Placement

Vocational Placement is a requirement for students in some Subject Area Specification Subjects and VET courses. Many VET courses also include compulsory vocational placement. This will involve compulsory attendance at a practicum, where skills and knowledge can be evaluated in a face to face environment. Assessment of specific units of competency may occur during the vocational work placement. Requirements are the same as for Work Experience.

How to organise participation

Students who wish to participate in Vocational Placement need to contact Senior Pathways.   

There are two types of Vocational Placement patterns:
  • Type A - involves a block of time, one or two weeks at a time, one, two or three times a year.
  • Type B  - involves one day a week.
During work experience, an indemnity policy is taken out by Department of Education, and Training (DET), covering public liability for the employer is in place, in case of accidental damage to property, goods or members of the public.