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When and how to enrol

Providing the eligibility for enrolment
criteria is met, a student may seek enrolment with the School at any time. However, the following points should be considered when making an application for enrolment:

​It is recommended that the enrolment process is finalised in time for the student to commence from the beginning of the school year. This enables the student to receive the learning materials for the commencement of the school year, be allocated to the most appropriate class and timetabled for Scheduled Lessons (SLs).
​Should enrolment be sought after the commencement of the school year, it is recommended that the enrolment be commenced at the beginning of a new school term. This allows the student to make a smooth transition into the distance learning mode.
​Generally, it is not recommended that enrolment be sought for a period of less than 80 consecutive school days. Experience indicates that a student and the home tutor require this period of time to make a successful transition to a distance mode of learning.
​A student may transfer from another school at any time, provided the eligibility requirements are met.


How to enrol

An enrolment application form can be obtained from the enrolment pages –  or by contacting the Enrolments Section. An enrolment application must be completed for each student. Before enrolment can be accepted, proof of date of birth must be submitted, eg. photocopy of birth certificate or passport.
Supporting documentation to accompany the enrolment application form must also be included when returning the enrolment application form. An enrolment checklist outlining supporting documentation required for each category is supplied with the enrolment application form.
Failure to include any of the requested supporting documentation will result in delays in processing the enrolment application.
Completed enrolment application forms should be sent directly to:
The Manager, Enrolment Services,
Brisbane School of Distance Education
GPO Box 1308