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A Request for extension on summative assessment task form must be completed and submitted by parent or supervisor to BSDE through the email address: at least one week before the due date.
 Request for extensions on summative assessment items will be considered only in special circumstances. The following table states the documentation required to be submitted in order to support the request.
​Special Circumstance ​Documentation Required
  • ​Extended illness prior to a due date of an assignment
​Medical certificate
  • ​Illness on the due date of an exam
​Medical certificate
  • ​Bereavement
​Parental/carer written communication
  • ​Representation in a regional or state competition
​​Parental/carer written communication
  • ​Unexpected circumstances preventing nominated assessment supervisor from administering assessment item
​Nominated assessment supervisor written communication
Note: Year 11 and 12 students only – if an extension is requested for a supervised exam, the student, is required to contact their teacher or nominated supervisor to make arrangements for the completion of the exam.
The outcome of request of extension will be emailed to student and supervisor by email.​
​Applications for extension for the below reasons will NOT be approved:
​Inability to secure approved supervision.
Failure to adequately manage workload.​
Note: A student who requests extensions on a regular basis will have the matter referred to the Deputy Principal.

Lost Assignments

As indicated above, students must retain a copy of assignments so that if electronic or mail delivery fails, assignments may be resubmitted. Evidence of despatch must be retained by the student (eg mailing receipts, dated copy of email that could be forwarded to teacher with resubmission, etc). BSDE will not accept a failure of transmission as a reason for failure to complete assessment.


Failure of computers or electronic media storage devices is NOT accepted by the QCAA as an excuse for non-submission of assessment tasks, by the due date. Students should always have a backup of any assessment tasks stored outside their computer. If they have submitted drafts as required, and if they have backed up work in progress, a computer failure is a minor inconvenience


Assessment that has been copied to any extent (from another student, from the internet or from a text or reference book) may be treated as partially assessed or non-assessed. This may impact on the student attaining credit for the semester. A student suspected of not following the conditions and instructions of the assessment instrument, may also be considered as cheating.


Students (or parents) who wish to question a grade awarded for a task should first seek feedback from the teacher awarding the grade. They may then consult with the Head of Department, the Deputy Principal or the Principal.