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Shared responsibilities


Base school

Students at the base school need to have one supervising teacher who is the link between BrisbaneSDE and the base school. The obligation of this supervising teacher is to coordinate students/BrisbaneSDE links.
It is necessary that the base school provides the following support:
​A supervising teacher to assist the students.
​A quiet place to study.
Access to a school phone for students and supervising teacher to contact BrisbaneSDE teacher​.
Coordination of regular contact between the students, the supervising teacher and BrisbaneSDE teacher​.
​Ensure that completed work is returned to BrisbaneSDE through the base school mail.
Computer with internet access and headset with microphone.
​A record of tasks submitted (kept at the base school).
If you have a student joining BrisbaneSDE who has previously been enrolled in the same subject elsewhere, it is imperative that the following information is sent promptly to BrisbaneSDE.
S1 is needed if at least one whole semester of work has been completed. The number of semesters completed must be accurately indicated, and a LOA with rank included.​
​A copy of the school’s subject profile is needed if any assessment has been completed at a previous school. This enables results across different criteria to be seen and this assessment can inform credit.
​A Folio of Student work. As QCAA has a focus on ‘evidence’ in the folio, it is extremely useful for the folio of work (or a copy of it) to be sent through as well. If the student has studied within your base school, clean copies of assessment items with solutions would be appreciated

Supervising teacher

A supervising teacher does not need to have knowledge of the subjects in which students are enrolled. The role of the supervising teacher is to provide support and encouragement and should include some or all of the following:
​Facilitate school phone contact between students and supervising teacher with BrisbaneSDE teachers.
​Initiate student contact with the BrisbaneSDE teacher.
​Communicate with the student's parent/guardian.
​Check materials received from BrisbaneSDE with the students.
​Supervise despatch of completed work to BrisbaneSDE (a copy of all work submitted should be kept).
​Ensure that work is returned on a regular basis. To enable students to organise their study program, a Work Rate Calendar (WRC) for each subject is provided. To monitor student progress, the supervising teacher should photocopy the Work Rate Calendar.
​Provide or arrange necessary supervision for summative assessment.
​Encourage the students to access BrisbaneSDE Discovery Centre and the local school library.
​Ensure that students have the correct textbooks and other requirements to support the BrisbaneSDE learning materials.
​Return all BrisbaneSDE resources.

​Ensure the Continuing Enrolment Form (for continuing students) is returned to BrisbaneSDE before the commencement of the next year. This particularly applies to Year 11 students going into Year 12 - more information.