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Assessment - Summary and more information


In summary, the policy states that students:

​must secure an approved exam supervisor.
must complete all summative assessment tasks in a unit to gain credit for a semester.
​must sit for examinations/supervised assessment items by the set date.
​must submit drafts of assignments as detailed in their task sheet .
​must ensure that they (or their assessment supervisor when the assessment was required to be completed under examination conditions) have retained a copy of the assessment item.
​submit requests well in advance of those due dates.
​may request adjustments (Special Provisions) to their assessment tasks due to special circumstances. BSDE may be able to make Special Provisions for these students, but it cannot excuse them from completing substantive requirements of a course, for any reason. BSDE might be able to exempt students from non-substantive course requirements.

Information nformation below provides greater detail around assessment issues. All students at this school will be fully informed of assessment processes and requirements and will have the right to appeal. nformation nformation below provides greater detail around assessment issues. All students at this school will be fully informed of assessment processes and requirements and will have the right to appeal.

Assessment policy principles

All students will be provided with a thorough overview of the assessment requirements for their individual subjects, to promote fairness and equity in assessment.
Students will be given clear and timely information on assessment.​
​Information given to students, including the assessment statement of standards, will include:
- advice about the assessment methods,
- assessment procedures ,
- the standards against which they will be assessed, 
- when and how they will receive feedback, and 
- the mechanism for appeal.
​Students will be made aware of their responsibilities in regard to assessment.
The assessment approach chosen will consider the language, literacy and numeracy needs of students. ​
Any special geographic, financial or social needs of students will be considered in the development and conduct of the assessment. ​
​Reasonable adjustment will be made to the assessment strategy to ensure equity for all students, while maintaining the integrity of the assessment outcomes.
​Opportunities for feedback and review of all aspects of assessment will be provided to students.
​Clearly documented mechanisms for appeal against assessment processes and decisions will be available to students (Policies and Procedures: Student Complaints/Grievances/Appeals).
Exams completed ‘off-site’ must be signed off by the Approved Supervisor on the Supervisor Declaration form prior to the scheduled exam day. If the exam cannot be completed due to the non-availability of the Approved Supervisor, the student must notify the relevant Head of Department at BSDE on or before the scheduled day. If a student can reasonably be expected to be able to attend BSDE to sit the exam on the set date, they should do so.
Assignments must be despatched by mail or electronic means by the due date. Students or the assessment supervisor must retain a copy of assignments so that if electronic or mail delivery fails, assignments may be resubmitted. Evidence of despatch must be retained by the student (eg. mailing receipts, dated copy of email that could be forwarded to the teacher with resubmission, etc). Written assignments must be submitted in the manner as prescribed by the individual department and may vary in format across subject areas. These conditions are included on the assessment item task sheet. The work needs to meet the minimum standard set out in the statement of standards. Where work does not meet this minimum standard, it may not be credited to course completion.

Ownership of work / Draft policy

BSDE is required, by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, to verify students’ ownership of assessment tasks. To enable us to do so, and to allow teachers to provide feedback and advice to students, we require students to submit drafts of assignments prior to the final date for submission. Where drafts are not submitted, and teachers are unable to verify a student’s ownership of tasks, reduced credit or no credit may be awarded. This could impact on students’ outcomes and eligibility for either an OP or QCE or both.

Refusal to participate in the course of study

Students who do not complete assessment tasks (including assignments, written, oral and practical tests, exams/supervised assessment items) are deemed to be refusing to participate in the work program and do not meet the requirements for continued enrolment. This issue will be referred to the Deputy Principal and Parents will be notified. As per the details given above, the student may have their enrolment in subjects or at BSDE cancelled.