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Technical, website and telephone support

NB. Links to BrisbaneSDE 'intranet' ('log a job') will not be accessable until you have been allocated your MIS ID. In the case of existing Education Queensland employees, when you have been officially attached to BrisbaneSDE.

Always Log a Job with our IT team if possible but ... if you can’t login, we appreciate that you can’t access the internet to log a job. The IT team would of course welcome a call - ext. 777 in these circumstances.
Basically, if it’s urgent ring us. If not, please log a job.

​Q. My name and details are incorrect/not on the BrisbaneSDE Staff Contacts page, who should I contact?
A. ​The Community Projects Officer manages and maintains the school website. Requests should be emailed to Community Engagement Team​​
​Q. Who do I contact if I have issues with my phone? e.g. wrong name on display/not familiar with ​some functions?
A. ​Incorrect name display queries or extension/desk changes should be directed to the IT HELP DESK on the intranet and the Log a Job link.
Q. I have changed desk, location or phone number. Do I need to let anyone know?

A. Yes, your head of department or manager may have already done so but ...​​make contact, via the intranet, with the IT Help Desk (to have phone changed)  Log a Job and Community Engagement Team​​​​ (to update website). Let your students and parents know your new contact details.

​Q. I have changed desk, location, can I take my phone with me so I don't have a new number?

​​A. ​No. The phone belongs to the 'desk' location not the staff member. You will need to let your students, IT Help Desk Log a Job and Community Engagement Team​​​​ know.

Q. Now I have changed rooms, I am not connected to the printer anymore. What do I need to do to connect to my default / local printer?

A. Default printers are tied to the room. So you will need to inform the IT Team this too via the intranet, with the IT Help Desk Log a Job so they can change your network location and give you the right printer.
Q. My computer is not functioning correctly e.g. can't log in, no internet access, 
no email etc.  How do I get that sorted?

A. Turn your computer off, not just log off, shut it down. Now turn it back on! (seriously often that's all it takes) But if it didn't work please make contact, via the intranet, with the IT Help Desk Log a Job.

Important note: If you cannot log in, you will be unable to access the intranet to log a job. In this case, please call the IT Team direct on ext. 777.

​Q. I am not receiving email that the rest of my department receives. What do I need to do so I get them too?

A. Membership in the email lists is not magical. The school IT Team need to manually add people. So new staff need to let IT know what department/s you are in so they can add you. Contact IT via the intranet, with the IT Help Desk Log a Job.

Important note: If you are NOT in a department email group, you won’t get All Staff emails. This also applies if you change departments e.g. you go from Junior Science to Junior Maths etc., or if you are in more than one department.