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Home based supervisor - expectations

General overview

It is an expectation that every student enrolled at BrisbaneSDE is supervised, supported and receives instruction from a home based supervisor. ​​

What do lessons look like?

​BrisbaneSDE operates as an online school. This means students are online (in class) between the hours of 8am and 2pm every day.  Students in years 7 - 12 are allocated up to 4 lessons per day. Lessons are 70 minutes in duration.  
Once logged into class students are in an online classroom (web conferencing) of approximately 15 students and the teacher. There is an interactive whiteboard and students and teachers interact in the same way they would in a regular classroom, putting up their hand, talking, messaging and participating in activities on the board. 
Please note: Prep - Year 6 students will receive lesson advice from their class teachers once enrolled. ​

How does that work?

All lessons are scheduled with each student receiving a timetable. Lesson attendance is mandatory and the school must be notified of absences. In order to be successful, students must attend lessons.  Students require a computer with a headset and microphone. IPad generally aren’t compatible with the online classroom software. Technical Specifications​

Exams and assignments


All student assignments are submitted online and exams are supervised by the home based supervisor (in the lower grades) and in the higher grades by a nominated invigilator who meets the strict guidelines which can be found on page 3 on the previous link.​

Contact with teachers


​Students (home supervisors in lower levels) at BrisbaneSDE are expected to be in regular contact with their class teachers. This contact could be through scheduled lesson attendance, email, telephone or other approved method. This regular contact is essential to student success.


The success of students at BrisbaneSDE relies heavily on the crucial role that the home based supervisors play in supporting the supervision and implementation of the program. Students need the ongoing support of the home based supervisor. Before a decision is made to engage in this program provided by BrisbaneSDE, a prospective home based supervisor needs to be aware that:

​the home based supervisor is responsible for instruction of curriculum in partnership with the class teacher (not applicable for secondary)​
​the home based supervisor respects that learning takes time and adheres to the expectation that students attend lessons comparable to a full school day
​the home based supervisor is responsible for provision and maintenance of all equipment (computers, printers, etc.) required to engage with BrisbaneSDE
the home based supervisor needs to be thoroughly familiar with the course materials especially the Home Supervisor Guides​
​the home based supervisor is responsible for ensuring students meet the assessment requirements and the deadlines for submission of assessment as outlined in work rate calendars
​the home based supervisor is required to maintain communication with the teacher by telephone, email or written communication.
​where scheduled lessons are provided the student is expected to participate. Home based supervisors are required to provide explanation for absence from scheduled lessons
adaptations to the programs may only be made in consultation with the teacher