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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Technical support​

What do I do if I have a technical problem?​
Have a look at the troubleshooting page for common solutions. If that doesn’t help, contact us

How do I reset my password?
There is currently issues re password reset please, contact us. ​

What are the technical requirements?​
Access to a desktop or laptop computer and a reliable internet connection is needed. For detailed information, refer to  Technology ... wha​t do students need
What sort of internet plan will be needed in terms of usage?
​Unfortunately it is not possible to provide an accurate estimate on data usage as this depends on a number of individual factors. Check how much data you use in the first month with BrisbaneSDE and use this as a guide for data requirements.​

​ ​​General

I am new and don’t know where to start. What do I do?
Have a look at the How to Videos. If you are still confused, contact us for assistance. 
How can I contact my teachers?​
The best way to contact teachers at BrisbaneSDE is through email, as teachers may be on lessons. Check the How to Videos for instructions on how to access contact information. ​
My enrolment has been finalised, when will I hear from my teacher/s? ​
You will hear from your teacher after your timetable has been finalised. Do not expect to hear from your teacher prior to school starting after a holiday break.
Do I need textbooks? ​
Some subjects require textbooks. Check the textbook list for information on which ones you may need. If you are starting later in the year, check with the teachers as to whether you need to purchase them. Please note that BrisbaneSDE does not provide/send any textbooks​


​How do I get my login details?
Your login details will be emailed to you when your enrolment has been finalised. Detailed information can be found on the How to Videos. ​
​I am based at a different state school or a private/independent school (non-EQ). How do I get my login details? 
Your login details will be emailed to your nominated school supervisor.​
​What do I need to do to access my lessons?
Lessons are accessed through the Blackboard. Detailed information can be found on the  How to Videos​
​How can I find out when my lessons are?
If you are in years 7-12 check the timetable page for instructions on how to access your lesson details. If you are in years P-6 check your school email account for information from your teacher/s. ​
How do I know when work is due?​
Check the work rate calendar for each subject. They contain schedules of when assignments and work is due. You could also check BlackBoard for each subject area.​
​Where do I find my lesson materials?
Lesson materials are accessed through Blackboard eLearn. For instructions on how to access eLearn, check the How to Videos  ​
​What do I need to do if I am absent from a lesson?
Have a look at the information on our absences page. ​
​What's my lesson password?
Each subject has a unique password. Have a look at these instructions for obtaining lesson passwords. ​
​How do I submit work that I have completed? 
Check the subject’s Blackboard eLearn course for a submission area. If you can’t find one, check with the subject teacher how they would like the work submitted. Other options include email or posting a digital copy on a USB or disc.​


​How do I enrol? 
You can find a step by step guide on our enrolment page. ​
​How do I check my enrolment eligibility? 
Our eligibility requirements are listed here.
​Is there an enrolment fee?
Yes, if you are in the home-based by choice category the annual fee is currently $1448.00 per student. It must be paid with the enrolment application. Subject fees also apply. 
​If my child studies through Distance Education can they still obtain an OP, a QCE or a School Based Apprenticeship?
Yes. Students completing Years 11 and 12 through Distance Education have the choice of a range of flexible pathways to achieve their desired outcomes. 
​Do I need to be available to supervise my child’s studies if they are enrolled with BrisbaneSDE? 
Yes. A responsible adult needs to supervise and support your child’s studies each school day.
​How do I find out what enrolment category I am in?
Have a look at the enrolment section and check your eligibility for each category.  
​If I don’t live in a remote area, can I enrol with the school? 
Yes you can. Check the list of enrolment categories​ to see whether you are eligible. 
​My occupation requires me to travel for my work. Can I enrol my child with the school?
Yes. A student can enrol due to the itinerant nature of the occupation engaged in by the parent/student (proof required). 
​We are travelling around Australia over the course of a significant period of time. Can I enrol my child with the school? 
​Yes, you can, as a home-based learner by choice paying the fee of $1448.00 per annum. 
​We are travelling overseas. Can I enrol my child with the school?
Yes, you can if you are travelling or temporarily residing overseas for a continuous period of 80 or more consecutive school days. Students must be children of Australian citizens who intend to return to Australia. Contact the enrolment section ​​