Executive Principal's welcome



Our Vision is to be The School of The Future. 

Our Mission is to provide highly engaging learning opportunities for each student with a focus on Innovation, Inspiration and Inclusion. 

We Value working collaboratively and strengthening our collective capacity with families and the community to enhance and progress each student's learning and wellbeing. 

Dear Home-based Supervisors and Students, 

I would like to warmly welcome you to Brisbane School of Distance Education (BrisbaneSDE). This year marks the 100 year milestones and they don't come around often. Marking these occasions with appropriate gravitas makes us think about those who have gone before, those who are here now and those who follow. It is always about the people. So, while we will spend time during 2022 talking about the school, conversation will, invariably, move to the stories of the people who spent time in this place: the academic achievers, the sports people, the creatives, the educators, the carers, the innovators and the characters.

From humble beginnings in 1922 as the Primary Correspondence school, BrisbaneSDE has an iconic place in Queensland's history. Another major milestone was in 1989 when the Correspondence Pre-School, Primary Correspondence and Secondary Correspondence Schools amalgamated to form Brisbane School of Distance Education. Our school has a long proud history of providing a unique learning environment for students and their families who are located in a variety of settings across Queensland, Australia and the world. We are a leader in online delivery of learning for students. We are dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning through thoughtful innovation, inspiration and inclusion for each student who attends our school. 

The school has a well-earned and impressive reputation amongst our school community and the wider educational community for the ability to cater for individual student needs. This approach to student learning is provided through flexible, individualised and quality curriculum programs, combined with a focus on the very important teacher-student relationship and Home-based Supervisor involvement. 

Our school is well served by dedicated, enthusiastic, caring and committed staff who willingly and ably share their talents and abilities with students, families and other professionals. Teachers provide daily online lessons using leading edge ICT technologies and pedagogies. They follow up the teaching program by contacting students and families regularly to ensure engagement with the learning program. 

A good school is not just built — it is created through the combined dedicated commitment of parents, students and staff all working together to achieve the very best for students. At BrisbaneSDE our staff, our families and our school community, work together to shape the future direction of our school. 

I encourage you to visit our school website to better understand how BrisbaneSDE can cater for your child's learning needs. 

I look forward to your family being part of our great school. ​​

Executive Principal

Last reviewed 15 February 2023
Last updated 15 February 2023