Enrolment categories


There are two broad enrolment categories:

Please note: Our school is required to charge a fee for service to 'by choice' learners.

  • Students who meet the criteria for the 'by choice' will be required to pay a deposit of $750.00. Please note: Subject charges may apply.
  • Students who meet the criteria for the 'limited choice' are exempt from paying a fee. Please note: Subject charges may apply.
  • It is essential to successful outcomes that you review the Home-Based Supervisor expectations.

What do I need to know to enrol (eligibility)?

Prep to Year 12

The general requirement for enrolment is that the student seeking enrolment is:

  • an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • a child of an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Proof of residency may be requested to support enrolment under some categories. This may take the form of a copy of electoral roll registration, current rates notice or equivalent documentation.

Please note: Under section 117 of the Australian Constitution, the school can only accept enrolments from Australian citizens.

Students are required to have access to a personal computer and internet access in order to receive all available services from the school. Refer to 'Technicial Specification'

Age requirements

Prep year

Prep year is the first year of schooling and provides the foundation of a child's education. Prep year is a compulsory year of schooling for Queensland children. To be eligible for enrolment in the Prep program in 2022, the child must have been born between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017​. Before enrolment can be accepted, proof of date of birth must be submitted, for example, a photocopy of birth certificate or baptismal certificate, clinic card or passport. Parents may apply for early entry to Prep through the following application process or may make the decision to delay entry to Prep.

Early entry into Prep

Parents and carers of children may seek early entry to Prep for their child. The Education (General Provisions) Regulation 2006 states that the Principal may enrol a child in the preparatory year at the school, regardless of the child's age, if the Principal is satisfied the child:

  • had started education in another State or country that is equivalent to the preparatory year; and
  • is ready for education in the preparatory year, having regard to the child's attributes.

As part of an application for early entry, parents will need to provide evidence of the child's aptitude and ability, social and emotional competence, physical development and level of knowledge and understanding that suggest Prep is an appropriate placement. Early entry to Prep will require an interview process and advice will be sought from early childhood providers who may have had contact with the child.

Parents should first discuss their intention to make an application with the Head of School Prep–Year 6. The Head of School will be able to provide information about the application process and possible sources of evidence.

Other year levels

A child will be enrolled into their age appropriate year level. Programming may be adjusted to accommodate a child's individual learning needs.​

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Please note: If you are enquiring on behalf of a Queensland State or Private school, please contact the enrolments team.

Last reviewed 29 June 2021
Last updated 29 June 2021